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From Clouds of Chemical Warfare to Blue Skies of Peace

Peace-educationThe October 2015 edition of the Journal of Peace Education has been released and includes the article From Clouds of Chemical Warfare to Blue Skies of Peace, which was co-authored by Dr. Shahriar Khateri and Elizabeth Lewis.


This article charts the origins, rationale and development to date of the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM). The world today has only a limited number of peace museums, and the TPM is part of a global network of such museums involved in the crucial objective of promoting a culture of peace and offering peace education opportunities.


In a world still succumbing to warfare and strife, it is now more important than ever to raise awareness about peaceful alternatives to conflict and the necessity to inculcate peace within our future generations and ourselves. This article outlines how the TPM encompasses exhibitions about the horrors of chemical warfare in Iran with the perspective that when we teach others about past wars, we can understand the need to learn about peace.


The Tehran Peace Museum is unique in that many of its members and volunteers are themselves survivors of chemical warfare or are family members supporting such survivors. Visitors to the museum are able to learn directly from those affected by weapons of mass destruction and are able to open dialogues about the various possibilities for peace activism.


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