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Model UN/UN Security Council simulation at Tehran Peace Museum

UNSG The UN Security Council simulation (UN Model) was held at Tehran Peace Museum on 19 September 2013. It was co-organized by the International Studies Journal (ISJ) in cooperation with UNIC (United Nations Information Center). More than 30 graduate and post graduate students of international relations and law as well as political science from different universities from across Iran participated in the simulation which addressed the issue of crisis in Syria.

Renowned Iranian political scientist and university professor Dr. Davoud Hermidas-Bavand was the honorary guest of the program who assisted the President of the SC, the Australian delegation. The one-day session concluded with the adoption of a resolution.

According to an agreement with ISJ, from now on, there would be similar UN model at Tehran Peace Museum, every year in the last week of September.

To see the photos of this event, please click here.