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Tehran Peace Museum / SCWVS delegation met with Mayor of Hiroshima

From August 3 to 8, a delegation of Tehran Peace Museum  and the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support (SCWVS) from Iran visited Hiroshima and met with President Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima on August 7. The Tehran Peace Museum, founded by the SCWVS, conducted an active campaign to invite Iranian mayors to join Mayors for Peace and successfully achieved a 270 city increase of the number of member cities in Iran in the past one-year period.

During the meeting, a Certification of Membership in Mayors for Peace for the 37 cities which joined this month was passed from President Matsui to Mr. Mohammad Rezaei, Mayors for Peace coordinator at the Tehran Peace Museum. Dr. Nasrollah Fathian, Board Director of the SCWVS, expressed their aim to have all Iranian mayors join Mayors for Peace in the next five years.